Transcript 10/09/07 Elizabeth Hart

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Transcript 10/09/07 Elizabeth Hart

Post by BBTranscriptTeam on Tue Oct 09, 2007 10:31 pm

Elizabeth Hart
West Windsor, NJ
Flight attendant
Has husband (who drove her to NYC) and 10-year daughter Lily who decorated their room with notes to motivate her and give advice on how to play

$100- In 2007, a U.S. government Web site used the slogan "When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!" to promote which of the following?
A. Fire Prevention Week B. Lightning Safety Week
C. Traffic Safety Week D. Obvious Advice Week

$200- Which of these businesses typically employs a projectionist?
A. Barbershop B. Bakery
C. Movie theater D. Kennel

$300- Which of these slang words means "to eat a snack"?
A. Schlep B. Dish
C. Nosh D. Rave

$500- What brand of bicycle is also a common adjective meaning "easily offended"?
A. Schwinn B. Trek
C. Cannondale D. Huffy

$1000- In 2007, environmental activist Al Gore staged a massive "Live Earth" concert to raise awareness about which of these issues?
A. Childhood obesity B. Global warming
C. Gun violence D. Same-sex marriage

Commercial break

$2000- The fairy tale "Jack and the Beanstalk" features both a hen that lays golden eggs and what type of magical musical instrument?
A. Flute B. Drum
C. Harp D. Banjo

$4000- What western U.S. state's capital is named for the Olympic Mountains, which are visible to the north?
A. Washington B. Idaho
C. Montana D. Oregon


ATA 77-3-13-7 in favor of A.

$8000- The TV show "Monty Python's Flying Circus" often promised "And now for something completely" what?
A. Different B. Radical
C. Sane D. Believable

Of the following lists of bones in the human body, which is in correct head-to-toe order?
A. Femur, tibia, sternum B. Mandible, sternum, femur
C. Tibia, sternum, mandible D. Sternum, mandible, tibia

Commercial Break

From 1908 to 1960, the Democratic Republic of the Congo in central Africa was known by what name?
A. Dutch Congo B. British Congo
C. Spanish Congo D. Belgian Congo

Has a strong feeling about it, decided to take her daughter's advice and save the lifelines here

Which of these fashion houses is named after its founder's is named after its founder's first name and not his last name?
A. Missoni B. Zegna
C. Valentino D. Prada


She was just looking at an article about Valentino the other day. It sounds like a first name.
50/50 left C and D.

Commercial Break

Elizabeth tried out for the show four times and has finally made the hot seat.

Which of these esteemed writers is not buried in the famed Poet's Corner inside Britain's Westminster Abbey?
A. John Donne B. Rudyard Kipling
C. Charles Dickens D. Geoffrey Chaucer


$100,000 STQ
According to the latest edition of the Official Scrabble Player's Dictionary, which of these is not an acceptable two-letter word?
A. Aa B. Ka
C. Ga D. Za


"You're joking, right?"
She says she plays Scrabble with her mother and they fight because her mom uses words like these and she does not like any of them.

PAF her brother Michael has no idea

She would guess Aa but decides to leave with the $50K.

No carryover

$100- B. Lightning Safety Week
$200- C. Movie theater
$300- C. Nosh
$500- D. Huffy
$1000- B. Global warming
$2000- C. Harp
$4000- A. Washington
$8000- A. Different
$16K- B. Mandible, sternum, femur
$25K- D. Belgian Congo
$50K- C. Valentino
$100K- A. John Donne
STQ $100K- C. Ga


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