$250K Ultimate Game Show is Great!

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$250K Ultimate Game Show is Great!

Post by dodgersteve182 on Tue Oct 09, 2007 12:20 am

But they better figure out a way to get more than 120 people in that big showroom if they want the show to last.
Bob "whoopee" Eubanks hosted both shows today and will be hosting both tomorrow as well. Despite the good odds of getting picked to go on stage (they have 50 participants per show), neither me nor Mrs. DS got picked.
They played brief editions of the Gong Show, Card Sharks, Name That Tune and The Newleywed Games, prizes range between $200 to $500 for each winner.
1 person does compete for the $250K grand prize in each show but the odds of winning the big prize is very minute. You pick 3 envelopes out of 20, trying to get the total dollar amount to equal $1,000. There is only one winning combinatuon to get to that exact amount. Otherwise you win the amounts in the 3 envelopes you choose. $760 for the first show and $580 for the second show today. But overall tons of fun!

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