Transcript 10/01/07 Kim Barrile

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Transcript 10/01/07 Kim Barrile

Post by BBTranscriptTeam on Tue Oct 02, 2007 7:30 pm

Kim Barrile
Nevada, MO

$100 Which of these vehicles routinely breaks the sound barrier?
A. Cruise ship
B. Space shuttle
C. Tractor-trailer
D. Bear on roller skates

$200 Since 1993, Crayola has offered a crayon called "Macaroni and Cheese," which is a vivid shade of what color?
A. Orange
B. Silver
C. Green
D. Pink

$300 A two-piece suit of thermal underwear is often referred to as a set of "long" what?
A. Johns
B. Toms
C. Bobs
D. Rons

$500 Which of these animals is a type of arachnid?
A. Lobster
B. Cockroach
C. Shrimp
D. Scorpion

$1K Which of these classic games bills itself as "The 3-minute word search game"?
A. Jenga
B. Yahtzee
C. Boggle
D. Uno

commercial break

$2K "Who do you think you are?" is a queation repeatedly posed to the "Mr." in what hit song?
A. Mr. Tambourine Man
B. Mr. Roboto
C. Mr. Big Stuff
D. Mr. Telephone Man

$4K What legal term comes from a Latin word meaning "elsewhere"?
A. Verdict
B. Alibi
C. Plea
D. Testimony

$8K Living in exile since 1967, the former King Constantine was once the head of what European country?
A. Greece
B. Denmark
C. Italy
D. Finland

Kim has an idea, but it's not enough for her, so she decides to ATA.


74% A. Greece
8% B. Denmark
9% C. Italy
9% D. Finland

$16K Which of the following movies is set in a region of the U.S. known as the "Borscht Belt"?
A. American graffiti
B. North Country
C. Dirty Dancing
D. The Cider House Rules

PAF - Gary, a freind

When Meredith introduces herself, Gary says that he is busy right now and could he call her back.

Gary says "Dirty Dancing, 100%."

commercial break

$25K Which of these historic events did not take place during the 1990s?
A. Acquittal of O.J. Simpson
B. Cloning of Dolly the sheep
C. Release of Nelson Mandela
D. Exxon Valdez oil spill

Kim believes that "A" and "B" happened in the 90s.

50/50 leaves B. Cloning of Dolly the sheep and D. Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Kim decides that she doesn't have enough of an idea and leaves with $25K.


$100 B. Space shuttle
$200 A. Orange
$300 A. Johns
$500 D. Scorpion
$1K C. Boggle
$2K C. Mr. Big Stuff
$4K B. Alibi
$8K A. Greece
$16K C. Dirty Dancing
$25K D. Exxon Valdez oil spill


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